Baelicanth is a vicious, evil spirit from the Immaterium, a nightmarish creature that shatters the mind of its prey before utterly destroying it. It goes by many names, the most common of which are only found in obscure texts in secret libraries across the galaxy. Among Baelicanth’s titles are: “She of the Nine Sorrows”, “the Wound that Eats” and “the Mind-Eater”.

Baelicanth was recently let loose upon the material world when an experiment involving psychically-enhancing drugs went awry. Fortunately, a band of acolytes under the direction of Inquisitor Calidon was able to destroy the daemon’s physical host, severing its connection to the material world. This has earned them the daemon’s ire and now it seeks to destroy them with its corrupting influence.

The Imperial Psyker known as Jastilus Quintos recently learned that the daemon’s influence is hampered by silver amulets forged and inscribed with arcane symbols of power.


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